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Player Representation

  • Career planning
  • Entering and extending professional contracts
  • Negotiating financial terms
  • Ensuring contractual financial performance
  • International and domestic transfers
  • Organizing internships in foreign clubs
  • Ensuring professional medical care

Clubs Representation

  • planning and implementation of international and domestic transfers
  • negotiation of financial conditions by transfers
  • ensure the financial performance of the contract
  • organization internships coaches and players in foreign clubs
  • organization of training camps
  • provision of scouting


  • Selecting talented players, match monitoring, profile development, dvd formats
  • Monitoring player performance at club and representation level
  • Ensuring presence of foreign scouts for subsequent international transfers
  • Organizing match monitoring for international agents and scouts

Conditional and Athletic Training

  • Arranging for and management of conditional and re-conditional programme
  • Arranging for management of conditional and re-conditional training
  • Arranging for dietary programmes
  • Drafting plans of sport supplemental nutrition
  • Ensuring methodological management of convalescents

Legal Consultancy

  • Ensuring legal services and financial consultancy
  • Legal consultancy in matters regulated by laws in the field of sport and sport activities

Marketing and Promotion

  • Ensuring promotion activities and presence at corporate events
  • Mediation of appearance on promotional and advertising campaigns for the client

Other services

  • Ensuring supplementation and vitaminization
  • Arranging for sport equipment
  • Ensuring quality language learning


  • Ensuring presence at charity events
  • Donation of financial gifts and contributions
  • Ensuring presence at signing sessions

PR & Media

  • Organizing press conferences, media monitoring
  • Arranging for journalist trips to follow players represented by us
  • Negotiating a media partnership
  • Ensuring a PR training
  • Arranging for TV appearance

For Fans

  • Production of DVD formats
  • Arranging for website development for players
  • Production and distribution of merchandising items
  • Photographs for private or commercial calendars
  • Preparation and printing of posters and cards