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Our team

Mgr. Michal Holescak
CEO (Chief of executive) / SFA Licensed Players Agent

Kosta Bjedov
Scout / Transfers intermediate

Danka Hornisova
PR / Marketing manager

Andrew Zolotco
Transfers consultant

Georgi Gradev
Lawyer for international affairs

Mgr. Melania Holescakova
Lawyer and Financial advisor

Stefan Sumichrast
Physiotherapist and Nutritional Consultant


Mgr. Michal Holescak

Date of birth: 4 May 1979, Povazska Bystrica
Education: University, Mgr. degree, Matej Bel University Banska Bystrica, Faculty of Humanities, Specialization: History - Physical Education and Sport (Football trainer)
mobile: 00421 905 488 504
Previous employment: - Marketing manager, Sport progress 2003
- Marketing manager, Tento, a.s. 2004
- Marketing manager, MSK Zilina, a.s. 2004-2007
Work during studies: Contracted work for FK Matador Puchov – PR and marketing manager
Professional internship: - Manager and trainer in a camp, Chicago, USA, 4 months, 2000
- Management and control, marketing, Ostrava, Slavia Prague, Hertha Berlin
Football curriculum: Youth in FK Matador Puchov, senior career: LR Crystal Lednicke Rovne, FK Kinex Bytca, MSK Kysucke Nove Mesto, Tatran Bytcica
Footsal: Ragazzi Puchov
Language skills: English, German, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Polish, Italian

Pavol Holescak

Date of birth: 4. 12. 1986, Povazska Bystrica
Education: University student, Comenius University, Bratislava, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Specialization: (conditional trainer, football trainer)
mobil: 00421 908 880 557
Football curriculum: Youth in FK Matador Puchov
senior career:
LR Crystal Lednicke Rovne
FK Kinex Bytca
FK Puchov
FK Belusa
Footsal: Ragazzi Puchov
Language skills: English, Italian